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American’s Unite!

American’s Unite!

United We Stand

We are all Americans First!

American politicians have not only figured out that it’s easier to blame the other party, no matter the issue, but they’ve also turned that into a main profit center.

It’s been said that politics is acting for people who are too ugly to be in movies. Sure, politicians do a great job of pretending to care about our country’s problems and even promise to fix things, but, rather than improve anything, their focus is on fundraising, so they can keep up their royal lifestyle.

Seriously, it’s just lies on top of lies and more lies.

The political class is focused on remaining in the club and keeping you out!

They enjoy big salaries, insider deals, great health insurance and pensions, for very little work. They pass laws that benefit their puppet-master corporations and thump their chests when they pass along a few meaningless scraps to their lunchbox Joe constituents, who they swore to serve, yet loathe.

They want to lock you down with masks that they don’t wear and vaccines that won’t take. Politicians seek to punish the electorate, by supporting crazy ideas like shutting down oil production and natural gas, used to heat homes, to force you to spend money on solar and expensive electric cars.

Gas prices have almost doubled and real inflation is probably closer to 15% than the alleged rates they keep claiming. Who knows what the real Covid numbers are, as their lapdog media partners have sewed so much confusion, it begs for the spread of assumptions and misinformation?

Don’t worry though, the pandemic has allowed them to loot the country of trillions of dollars, with more trillions planned. There is no end to the corruption and lies from our rulers. They are supposed to honor their oaths, but have become defacto Kings and Queens who’re bankrupting the world’s richest country. They believe they should rule over all of us, no matter your political affiliation.

They are spending Trillions of dollars supporting the markets and large companies which they all make millions of dollars trading in, but have implemented rules to TAX and audit you if someone sends you $600 via cash app.

The money will be spent on controlling every aspect of our lives and to steal all of our remaining freedoms.

They know the dumbed down public will forget, or even provide cover for, their many lies. They also have advanced polling operations to figure out what you like hear and huge communications departments to tell you what their analysts said that you want to hear. Nirvana is always just another 2, 4, or 6 years away.

The Lies and misinformation spread by Republicans and Democrats has gotten so bad, that it appears they are playing a game of one-upmanship. They now lie to our faces, tell us they’re lying, and blame us for playing along.

They spend Billions of Taxpayers cash on Illegal Immigration, Foreign “Aid”, and Bureaucratic waste. Their rules, regulations, and policies are always additional taxpayer money drains, and only serve a larger more futile establishment. Nothing they do is geared towards making our country safe, efficient, well educated, and better off, yet they and their paymasters seem to profit from all of this.

Billions of Taxpayers Money Goes to

All sides have failed us, which proves the system has been broken beyond repair, and only a major shift in our thinking can fix it.

With Respect To Each Other

It’s time to Decentralize our government and take money out of politics.

This document is one of the wisest and well written documents ever created, only bested by the lessons and teachings in the Bible.

This document is now being revised to mean many things the authors never intended and, as the politicians turn their backs on our country’s foundational principles. Americans are left wondering “who are these people working for?”

The middle is either ignored or fed to the worst fringe political wolves.

We need to change the way we fundamentally elect our representatives.

Presidential campaigns should be able to spread their message for under $100 million and, instead of traveling from state to state, they should simply participate in more televised debates.

News coverage of the candidates should cease, except for the debate discussions afterwards. Any discussion must include information about both candidates and their positions as a way to remind voters, no spin, just the positions on the things we care about.

This would force our leaders to focus on real concerns, and nothing else, while they are in office; allowing them to work freely to fix our broken country.

Congress and the senate should be drafted into the position from registered voters who meet certain basic job qualifications. Furthermore, they should have term limits that also prevent them from, other than the presidency, holding public office again. It is a duty and a service and should never be mistaken for a career.

Drafting our citizens from every day people will ensure diversity of ideals and peoples, which would weaken the parties and make our country stronger.  

Those over 55 shouldn’t be able to run for office. The tech gap between the young and old has grown so much that anyone over 55 is technologically irrelevant. If you can’t add contacts to your cell phone, you can’t be involved at that level.  

As a country we should be working together to solve issues that need immediate attention, instead we waste years arguing over problems that don’t exist. Do people today really have problems voting? If we took a poll in the country, would this issue even come up?

Inflation, gas prices, electricity prices, job security, education, vaccine safety, should be some of the top immediate issues, and these require real solutions, not just gobbledygook written by Hollywood speechwriters, who never have to worry about anything.

Let your voice be heard!

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